Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This is my 4th post now and I did a mistake saying the previous one was my fourth when it was actually my 3rd haha. Anyways, this week is gonna be my busiest week because I got loads of things line ahead. Firstly the BLG concert happening tmrw. I don't know why but I really am very excited about it because its been awhile since BLG has been down here in KL. Gonna be rocking and headbanging with my nigga Rebecca Ong who is such a fanatic of the group especially Martin :P My weekend is also gonna be very pack with loads of stuff. Desiree's early bday dinner/ my so called 1 month farewell happening this Saturday at Souled out, can tell its gonna be fun however the real fun is gonna start when me and my friends hit Reggae for some good clubbing session. Planning to get high with my friends there :P such a bad influence when I have kids in the future but ohh well might as well enjoy all I can now than when I can't right ;)

Alrighty this will be it for now. The next time I'll be posting about the after effects of the weekend and also my trip to Aussie. Take Care

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When Boredom Kicks In

1. Full name.
Juan Badathuruge Aswin Noel
Commonly known as JB ;)

2. Zodiac Sign.

3. 3 fears.
-Tight spaces

4. 3 things i love.
- Football
-Theme Parks

5. 4 Turn ons. 
- Girls with jerseys
-Girls with tattoos
-Girls who likes shisha
-Girls with blue eyes

6. 4 Turn offs. 
-Girls who smokes
- Girls with typical chinese/indian accent lol
-Girls who smell bad
-Girls who are ''lala''

7. My best friend?
Sanveer Singh

8. Sexual Orientation?

9. My best first date?
Can't really remember hehe

10. How tall am i?

11. What do i miss?
My childhood

12. What time was i born?
1:30 a.m. I think

13. Favourite Color?

14. Do i have a crush?
Used to

15. Favourite quote?
May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you and heaven accept you

16. Favourite place?

17. Favourite food?
Bah Ku Teh

18. Do i use sarcasm?
Sometimes, depends on whom :p

19. What am i listening to right now?

20. First thing i notice in a new person?
Their walk

21. Shoe size? 
7.5 UK

22. Eye Color?

23. Hair color?

24. Favourite style of clothing?
Casual and formal wear with style ;)

25. Ever done a prank call?
Of course

26. What color of underwear i'm wearing now?

27. Meaning behind my URL?
Phases that I go through in life

28. Favourite movie?
The Dark Knight

29. Favourite Song? 
Miss Independant - Ne-Yo

30. Favourite band?
Linkin Park

31. How i feel right now?

32. Someone i love.

33. My current relationship status.
Single and ready to mingle hahaha

34. My relationship with my parents.

35. Favourite holiday. 

36. Tattoos and piercings i have? 
None yet

37. Piercings and tattoos i want.
Tribal tatto on my arm

38. The reason i joined tumblr.
Don't intend to

39. The last book i read?
Rich man Poor man

40. Do i ever get "good morning" or "goodnight" texts?
Not anymore, but I wish to get it soon enough though.

41. Have i ever kissed the last person i texted?

42. When did i last hold hands?
January 5th 2012

43. How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
15 minutes

44. Have i shaved my legs in the past three days?
hahaha nope :P

45. Where am i right now?
My crib

46. If i was drunk and can't stand who's taking care of me?
hahaahaha Cristiano Sanjeev a.k.a Chef will be the one taking care of me when I'm wasted :P


I just realize that I still have a blog lol. Anyways this will be my 4th post after 3 years of not blogging and this is sort of coming back into the blogging world. I'm starting to blog again after my good friend, Rebecca Ong Bee Quin started reading out my older and funny post about my previous journey's haha. This post will be officially my first post for 2012 and trust me there will be more. Till the next time then, Adios!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday,June6,2009 My Life DownUnder

Hey people........... i know this is only my second post after 4 months of nt bloggin hahaha.......... well all of you'll know im in aussie rite now enjoyin my life aand hols wit my family in sydney........
this is the beginning of my hols and nt the actual skool hols tat din even start, started haha

On Saturday, May 16.........bhud, lash and i arrived at Sydney International Airport at around 7 25 a.m............ i wasreli excited seeing Sydney fr the third time, cuz i love Sydney a lot haha and went my aunt and uncle came to pick us up, they were reli excited and my aunt started to shout fr joy haha.......... at least the shout wasan't that loud where the whole airport could hear haha......
so then we took a nice drive to my aunt's beautiful neighborhood home........... and then i went into z land cuz of jetlagness hahaha............ tats the first day in Sydney

Now comes the exciting and awsome part............. on Monday, May 18, my aunt took us to this historical town called Windsor which i aso found out it was haunted too haha it scared me a little haha....... anyways, it was a nice town where its quiet and has lovely scenenarys........... we reached there at about 12 45 and i was reli confuse bout wat r we doin in a town like this.......... cuz of its quiteness and i was aso wonderin wats fr lunch.........i was starvin after the long journey haha.......... so my aunt jept sayin we had to go in this van, where the van will take us to this restaurant, which i found out it wasant true after words.......haha instead my aunt planned a special lunch fr us.......... and guess wat the restaurant we went was in a horse carriage......... how kool is tat .......... it was my first time experiencing lunch in a horse carriage haha.......... and i reli loved the horses...........there were three horses and thier names are, Banjo,Little John and Jack........ my fav was Banjo haha........... well tats one of my fav days in Sydney........ bt rest of the days i was at home doin work and chillin and aso goin shoppin haha........ must do tat lol

ok then this all fr now, bt to be continued haha.......k ciaoz

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday,March 16,2009

Today it was the first day of the skool holidays and it started as a very dull day for me. at first, i got up from bed prayed,and then started the day.i just lazed around the hosue by watchin tv,playin pc games,eatin and sleepin.my expectations for today was highly, but i guess not.the worst thing also is that my fone didint have credit hahaha and i could nt send any sms to anyone.well at least i saved my money instead of goin out and spulurgin it on uneceesary stuf hahahaha.......... moreover i realize that goin to skool is way better than stayin home on the hols doin nothin unless ur goin out with friends and family,which im gonna go this wk hahahahahahha so at least my hols wont be so bored la hahahaha.

Now to the gud parts....hahaha well i am glad tat there is not much skool work so i can relax a little but nt too much hahahahaha.........so one of the nice things today that i did is playin futsal with my frends.at least futsal made my day a liitle bit better rather than doin nothing hahahahaha.......sry to spoil the gud parts, but now facebook is reli killin me with the stupid home page and stupid profile page dont know y they keep changin.

Neways, this is how my day was a little fun but mostly borin.........reli hope tommorow will be a fun day.